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Interviews With All Members Of The Hey Jude Management Going To WorldNet Can Be Found Below. HTTP://HEYJUDEBFC.TRIPOD.COM Would Like To Thank The Five Who Took Part In The Interviews, CHEERS!

Interview with Director of Football Paul Stedman.

-How did you first get involved in the Hey Jude XI team?

A couple of seasons ago a friend of mine, Mick Broom, a Millwall supporter who's helped us out on a couple of occasions when we're short of numbers, asked me if I could get a team of Brentford supporters to play a team of his mates. The idea was to play them before our game at Griffin Park (April 2000).
I didn't know enough people who'd be interested so I put a notice on the (old) messageboard, appealing for volunteers.
We played Millwall at Cranford Commmunity College, we lost 7-1, characterised by some appalling defending. A tradition which we appear to have carried forward to this day.
In the afternoon we lost 3-1, with Lorenzo scoring a scorcher after ten minutes, followed up by a Neil Harris hat-trick.
On that day we had Andy Saffrey in goal; but quite a number of other familiar faces are still with us: PJ, Shaggy, Minky, Gary Thomas, Rik Scales, James Kyllo, Leigh Miah, Joe and Trandy

And that was supposed to be it.
In the Pottery Arms at lunchtime, however, I was talking to some of the others who seemed to like the idea of such a team on a semi-regular basis.
PJ said he'd often thought of such a team for his fanzine, he offered to help me out with the organising. I asked the Club Secretary (Polly Kates) about kit and she said I could buy some old kit from the club for a King's Ransom and things just followed from there.
I then heard about the IFA (Internet Football Association), which was a help in organising opposition. I suppose our first game under the name Hey Jude XI was home to QPR at Warren Farm a couple of weeks later. We lost 5-0.

What was very important from the outset is that PJ and I, did not want the team to be a "Win At All Costs" type of team. We've made it plain from the outset that our team is more about giving genuine Brentford fans the opportunity to pull on the red and white shirt and represent the club's supporters, regardless of ability. Sure it's nice to win a game, but it's secondary, as far as I'm concerned to the real business of "bonding" with other supporters. I appreciate that not everyone agrees with this philosophy, but it's been with us from the start, I try to make it as a plain as I possibly can, most people seem quite happy with it, so it's just hard lines for the others I suppose!

-Did you have any previous experience in running a football team?

None whatsoever. I am the Serse Cosmi of Brentford.

-How did you choose the managerial teams for WorldNet?

PJ and Scratchy, more or less, chose themselves as they are two widely-respected individuals and I know I can rely on them to uphold the principles of the team.
As Assistant to PJ I asked David Merritt, because he is renowned as a great thinker on the "Beautiful Game".
Jonno as assistant to Scratchy caused a few eyebrows to be raised, but he has impressed me with his positive and sporting attitude since he joined us and I'm very mindful that the management team needed a younger element, and there is a danger that it could start to look like a "clique" of Stedders' mates.

-Did you choose the teams yourself or did the managers have an input?

The manager's had no input whatsoever. I deliberately didn't ask for any, because I was concerned that it might look as though one manager was just trying to "bagsey" the best players in advance. I asked PJ and Scratchy who were both happy with this arrangment, they both suggested that I pick the squad and then we could argue about it/discuss it/adjust it afterwards.
As it was, my suggested squad was approved by both managers without a murmur of dissent (well, no murmurs to me anyway!).

-Are you pleased to have two teams going to WorldNet?

Yes, I'm as pleased as punch. Brentford may be a small team in terms of numbers, but no one can doubt the commitment that we have towards our team, and the bond that exists between the supporters. Testimony to this is that we are taking two teams and other bigger teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sunderland have no representation at all.
I think there are only two other clubs, Celtic and Derby, with more than one team at WorldNET.

-Are the managers the main man or can you over rule their team decisions?

The managers have complete control over how they play the games; their formation, substitutes etc. It's completely down to them.

-How important do you think the social side of WorldNet will be?

Let's put it this way, I'm taking 15 Hey Jude penants and I don't expect to take any home!

-What will your actual role be at WorldNet?

Not a lot, I hope. Most of my work will have been done in the weeks leading up to the tournament. Sorting out the kit, provisions and first aid, making the accommodation, travel, playing and financial arrangments.Testimony tothis will be if things work out over the course of the weekend.
This is especially so, as my beloved Surrey are in the B+H Cup Final on the Saturday against one-day specialists Gloucester. So my attentions may turn elsewhere at times.
Obviously I'll be at all the games but my role will be to support the managerial teams, as much or as little as they want.
I will be the "link" between the organisers and the two Brentford teams, such as co-ordinating the accommodation and making sure everyone understands the rules etc.

-Where do you think the teams stand among the general standard?

The basic criteria that I started with was to have a set of solid defences and then build from there. Combined with this I have tried to include an equal number of players who can bring that extra spark in attacking from midfield or forward-midfield positions: Rob Pyle, Heston, Spender and Sammy, for instance.

-What do you think the two teams chances are at WorldNet?

It's very, very difficult to tell because it really depends on the teams that oppositions field. The nature of this type of football is that the personnel can change pretty dramatically. Last year we played Spurs who were really good and yet they very rarely play during the rest of the season. The same can be said for teams like Bradford and Middlesborough who always do well at tournaments like this.
West Brom will be difficult. You would have thought Huddersfield should be pretty good, seeing as they are relatively local. We played both teams at last year's tournament. West Brom stuffed us 4-0, while we drew 2-2 with Huddersfield (which was the first game EVER that we avoided defeat in). Leeds, also, should be able to put out a pretty handy side.

-Having indicated that you are stepping down from mainstream team
organisation, what will your role be after WorldNet?

Organising the Hey Jude team takes up a lot of my time, time that I really cannot afford. I know it looks as though we just turn up on a Saturday and that's all, but in reality there is a great deal of work that doesn't get recognised.
Sorting out the pitches, the kit, the opposition, making sure we have the right number off players and that everyone knows the way and coping with last minute changes of plan etc.
As you know my suggestion is that I will pass on the team selection; contacting players etc be passed onto other managers on a game-by-game basis. We started this idea a few months back, but I was still co-ordinating with players. So we had a situation whereby I appointed a manager, but then told them who was playing, so it makes sense to pass on the job in its entirity.
I just want to be sure that those managers stick to our basic principles that I outlined earlier. I will carry on with being the main co-ordinator for the team, however. Doing things like arranging pitches, liaising with the opposition; appointing managers etc.

-What are your aims for Hey Jude? Are you aiming to take 3 teams to WorldNet
in the future?

I have no ambitions for the team, as such.
I would be very happy if we could go on pretty much as we are. The only thing I would say, though, is that I will be looking for ways in which I can sub-contract as many of the team's duties to other players, as I believe that the only way the team will survive is if we can get an even spread of responsibilities. Too often ventures like this fail because it is all centred on one person and when he, or she, decides they've had enough of all the hard graft then the whole thing falls apart.

Interview with Hey Jude Brentford Manager Paul Fitzsimons:

-How and when did you first get involved in the Hey Jude XI team?

Well in early 2000 a "Hey Jude" five a side team played against a couple of other teams in a five a side tournement.It went a little quiet on that front until May 2000 when a number of five a side kick arounds were organised by Paul Stedman.I turned up to a few of them and the rest,as they say,is history.

-Are you pleased that you were chosen for the manager's position?

I regard it as an honour to be chosen for the position.I just hope that I can repay the faith that Paul has shown in myself and Jonno by ensuring the team plays to the best of its potential.

-What previous managerial experience do you have?

In terms of managing other teams I have no formal experience.However I have managed Hey Jude on 3 previous occasions and I feel the experience I have gained from that will help me in Leeds.

-How important do you feel your assistant will be to you?

Very important.Jonno will help me enormously.He will give me a different prospective on things and together we'll come to some sort of consensus in team matters.In addition he'll be able to help me with other matters such as dealing with the press.

-Did you choose your assistant or was he dumped on you?

The director of football and myself had discussions about the assistant manager's position and we both felt that Jonno would make an ideal candidate for the position.

-Are you the main man for your team or does Paul Stedman have a big influence on team matters?

I like to think that I'm open to any input,including that from the director of football,but at the end of the day the main resposibility for team matters lies with myself and Jonno.

-How important do you think the training session will be?

I think the training session is quite important as a team building exercise.It should also help to iron out any unfamilarities in our style of play.

-What fitness regime will you employ (how many units of alcohol??!!!!)?

I think that so long as the players aren't half dead from their individual training sessions the night before then we should be ok!

-What do you feel your teams strengths and weaknesses are?

I think recent weeks have shown us what our strengths and weaknesses are.Hopefully we can concentrate on the positive in Leeds and develop that further.

-Have you thought about tactics? And how important do you think our tactical decisions will be on your team?

I think tactics will definately play an important part in the games.I have an idea of what tactics we'll play but of course I'd like to think that we have the personnel to change them as we see fit.

-What do you know about future opponents and the general standard of football at WorldNet?

Well Huddersfield and WBA are opponents we had in our group last year at Worldnet.The rest of the group are unknown quantities.As far as the general standard of play goes well I think it varies a fair bit.

-What do you think your team's chances are at WorldNet?

Well we'll have to wait and see.I'm quietly confident we can make a good impression both on and off the pitch.

Interview With NTW Brentford Manager Pete Johnson

-How and when did you first get involved in the Hey Jude XI team?

There was a fanzine 5-a-side tournament at The Pitz Centre in Barnet and we put a team in. It was a good laugh and we all thought we should start playing other teams` fans regularly. However, I didn't have the time to do all the
necessary organising side of things. We put an ad in the zine for someone to run things, and up stepped Stedders. The rest is history!

-Are you pleased that you were chosen for the manager‚s position?


-What previous managerial experience do you have?

I`ve led us to several heavy defeats in the past, so my credentials are good....

-How important do you feel your assistant will be to you?

-Did you choose your assistant or was he dumped on you?

Shaggy was definitely dumped on me! Have you heard his teamtalks?!!!!

-Are you the main man for your team or does Paul Stedman have a big influence on team matters?

Blimey, serious questions! Stedders is `director of football` (whatever that is!). Shaggy & I will just try and make sure everyone gets a fair crack of the whip and that we have a good laugh. We`ve got 14 in our squad so we have
different options to pick and choose. Hopefully we`ll win a game or 2.

-How important do you think the training session will be?

Useful for players who have recently joined the squad, to get to know everyone. I won't be there, I`m away that week.

-What fitness regime will you employ (how many units of alcohol??!!!!)?

Last year a few of the lads were out til 4am both nights. I think we may adopt a 330am curfew!

-What do you feel your teams strengths and weaknesses are?

Team spirit counts for everything. Whatever weaknesses we have, if everyone gives 100% you cant ask for more than that!

-Have you thought about tactics? And how important do you think our tactical decisions will be on your team?

Shaggy likes to play 2 forwards i think. However Gaz Paul often plays up front on his own, so we`ll probably try different systems. I think the squad we have may favour a 5-4-1 or 3-5-1 depending on how its going. But we can see how we go and change things round if need be!

-What do you know about future opponents and the general standard of football at WorldNet?

We played Crewe this season and they were a good set of lads, the rest are unknown quantities I think. AEK Ahens should be interesting! The general standard last year was quite good. The vast majority of teams play the game in an excellent spirit, though there`s one or two who maybe ake things too seriously...

-What do you think your teams chances are at WorldNet?

I don't think any of us are going there to win the trophy!! Hopefully we`ll do ok but enjoying it is the priority. It will be a good weekend, come what may!

Previous Interviews with the Assistant Managers:

Interview with Dave Merrit

-How did you get involved with Hey Jude XI and how long ago?

-Are you pleased to be appointed as Assistant to Pete Johnson?

-Have you spoken Pete Johnson about future tactics, and if so what are they?

-Where do you think your team∆s strengths lie?

-What will your responsibilities be at WorldNet?

-How do you think NTW Brentford will do?

Interview with Jonathan Fitzmaurice

-How did you get involved with Hey Jude XI and how long ago?

Well, firstly I was involved as a referee. Paul Stedman advertised for a referee on the GPG and I responded. The first game I refereed was the home loss against Gillingham, at Warren Farm, in February 2001. I then refereed two more games against Crystal Palace and QPR before getting involved in the playing side on May 2001. I have since played in the Glasgow Rangers, Luton and Reading games as well as the Kent and Charlton Tournaments.

-Are you pleased to be appointed as Assistant to Paul Fitzsimons?

Very pleased. It was a total surprise to be emailed by Paul Stedman to offer me the job. I had no idea this was going to happen as I was very new to squad and also in the wrong team at the time. Obviously its very nice to be offered the job, especially after such a short time in the team. I personally thought there were much better candidates within the squad like Gary Paul and Michael Williams but still Im very happy to have the opportunity to work in the management alongside Scratchy.

-Have you spoken Paul Fitzsimons about future tactics, and if so what are they?

I really havent had the time, but I cant see the team playing anything very different to the orthodox 4-4-2. I think thats Paul Stedman based the squads on so it would be silly to tamper with that idea too much. I think our tactics will rely heavily on team spirit which I feel will be the most important asset to our team.

-Where do you think your teams strengths lie?

I think the defence looks potentially very strong. Although I feel the whole team is well moulded. I think that a good defence will allow the attackers to get forward more and obviously we have players within the defence who can get forward too. I think one thing on our side in our youth, which will tell against the older sides, but obviously there is a lack of genuine experience within the side.

-What will your responsibilities be at WorldNet?

Well as well as helping Scratchy out in the tactical side of things I will also have to find out where the matches are and at what times to get our team there on time and generally be Scratchys assistant to what ever he needs doing.

-How do you think Hey Jude Brentford will do?

Well, I hope we can do as well as possible. To be honest I dont really know the standard of many of the teams at WorldNet but if we got to the proper Tournament that would be a great success, if not a good run in the Plate would be regarded as a success in my view, but we can only hope!

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