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Latest News For The Campaign Against The FA Form The England Members Club.

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These are the latest announcements from the club, quite a lot to take
onboard given the changes we've all seen over the past six month.
I would be very interested to hear you thoughts, (click reply) & lets
hear what the consensus is. . . .

Extract from the FA

The new club is designed for people who want to travel abroad to
support the England team and offers all the information and support
fans need to enjoy their time away.

The benefits of membership include: It's the only way to buy tickets
for England Senior away games - including the World Cup and European
Championship. If you buy a ticket for an away game, you're guaranteed
the chance to buy a ticket for the next appropriate home game.
Special travel services to every game. A personalised members' pack.
A members-only website offering information on the club, the team,
tickets and travel. A 5% discount on official England merchandise.
Exclusive competitions and special offers. A chance to have your say
about the future of the club and to learn about what goes on behind
the scenes at England games. A new screening process for members,
which protects genuine fans. Launched after consultation with fans,
englandfans replaces the England Members Club as the way for
supporters to get tickets to England games. Members observe the
englandfans code of conduct, which is based on respect for each other
and the opposition. (See Code of Conduct). Membership costs 20 a
year for adults (25 for overseas residents) or 10 for under-16s.
You will be required to give your consent for a qualified official to
check your criminal record, certain types of conviction will
disqualify you from being a member (See Official Rules). The club is
open to everyone, so join now. Together, we can be world-class.

Quote regarding Ticketing for the Germany Munich Tickets

"We have taken recent loyalty into account for distribution of
tickets for the Germany game and so those that are ahead, should stay
ahead. (Effectively, because we are in the middle of a qualifying
period, we have taken Greece, Finland, Italy and Fance - not Albania,
which was oversubscribed - into account for the Germany game. If you
went to all 4, you will effectively have 4 points or caps going into
Germany. If you went to one, you will have one cap. We've done the
analysis and worked out that anyone who has been to just one of those
games will qualify for the Germany game - so there shouldn't be too
many complaints re: loyalty)" James Worrall Football Association
Project Manager


>>To e-mail the group moderator please e-mail -


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