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Match Reports From The Last Match

Sunday 6th October 2001
Conditions: Overcast with some Drizzle Temp: 19c

Hey Jude 2-5 Hounslow Wanderers Attendance: 9
(Sam Fenton-Elstone)
(Lewis Richards)

Managers: Jonno Fitzmaurice & Sam Fenton-Elstone

Team: 4-4-2
Matt Dolman (GK) 8
Steven Smith (DR) 6
Paul Fitzsimons (DL) 6
Joe Stedman (DC) 7
Tommy Maclaughlan (DC) 7
Muk Yahyam (MR) 7
Lewis Richards (ML) 7
Dave Merritt (MC) 7
Sacha Syed (MC) 8
Paul Minkennien (FC) 7
Neil Willmott (FC) 7

Jonno Fitzmaurice 6
Sam Fenton-Elstone 7
James Harris (Not Used) 10
Josh Stedman 7

On a warm October Sunday Hey Jude took to the field in a Friendly against Hounslow Wanderers Select. Hey Jude were looking for their first win in what was their sixth attempt this season against a Sunday league side who had won and drawn in their two previous games as their young side try to prove themselves in West Middlesex Combination Division 1. Hey Jude were totally changed from their unlucky 4-0 defeat at home to Charlton in the IFA Cup, and Hounslow were playing in second game in two days.

The game started at a subdued pace with Hounslow, attacking up the hill, getting the better chances. It wasnt until over 10minutes until Hey Jude settled into a rhythm, with Tommy Maclaughlan, making his long awaited debut, helping to keep the fast Hounslow strikers at bay. Matt Dolman, in goal, making some very good saves from what was at times relentless pressure from the Hounslow forwards. Sacha Syed, playing for the first time since WorldNET, continued his trademark runs from midfield, with Captain Paul Minkennien chasing every ball sent up into attack. A couple of substitutions were made by the new management which sadly led to the now unsettle defence conceding a goal, 1-0. Hey Jude, making a further substitution on 30minutes came back as Sacha Syed ran a mazy run through their defence before laying the ball off for Co-Manager Sam Fenton-Elstone, who shot hard and low, to bring the sides level, 1-1. As Hey Jude continued to push forward in what was their best spell of the first half, gaps in the defence led to second for Hounslow, 2-1. Just before half-time as Hey Jude tried to bring scores level for the break, Hounslows fast and agile striker split the defence before finishing past the despairing Matt Dolman, for his and Hounslows third goal, 3-1. Soon after the referee blew the whistle for half time.

The managers at half time, hoping to revive their team who were disheartened by a score line that didnt represent their efforts, made two substitutions. However, the substitutions seemed to make little difference, as the defence seemed very edgy in the first 10minutes of the half, leading some bad mistakes and poor clearances. Despite his defences edgy nature, Matt Dolman continued the form he had shown in the first half, producing some fine saves to keep the scores down. Hounslow finally took advantage of their opponents defending making it 4-1. Hey Jude now had nothing to lose and push forward in determined fashion, with the performance that lacked a skilful edge, being changed midway through the half. Neil Willmott making his second appearance for the side, picking a loose ball up from the Hounslow keeper, who had been faultless other than this clearance, Neil then from 40yards tried to chip the keeper, the ball dipped and swerved before dropping agonisingly onto the bar before their defence cleared the ball. Now Hey Jude were in full swing, with Josh Stedman shooting just high from 20yards. However, their attacking stance led to gaps in the defence, which Hounslow took advantage of, with them scoring a fifth, 5-1. Steven Smith then replaced Matt Dolman in goal to make history, in playing in every position for Hey Jude in his appearances. Now Hounslow were rampant, with at times having 5strikers, but Steven along with his defence keeping them at bay, with a few goal line clearances. Hey Jude then got the consolation goal that they deserved through Lewis Richards, had run solidly throughout his time as striker in the late second half, passing the ball low beyond the keeper after a defensive mistake. Seconds later, the match was ended by the referee who had a faultless game in a very sporting game.

Hounslow had been too fit and young for Hey Jude to keep under control and deservedly ran out easy winners. The game had been played in a very sporting way, which was a credit to both sides, thank you to Hounslow Wanderers for the game and good luck in your league. Hopefully we will play a pre-season friendly next season. I hope you enjoy the Brentford-Bury game.


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