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After The League Turning Down Brentford's Move To Woking, Brentford Fans Are Now Trying To Get Hounslow Council To Help Aid Their Campaign For A New Ground In Hounslow


After a traumatic week ,in more ways than one, it`s now time to drive forward
the WALK FOR BRENTFORD on Sep 29th.

The aim of the walk is basically to kick Hounslow Counsil`s arse and also
raise awareness to the local public that BFC is a club that desperately needs
more support to solve most of its many problems.

If anyone can help out at the next 2 home games handing out leaflets/selling
T-Shirts please contact either myself , Luke or Andy V.

We`re still short of a couple of stewards on the day - there isnt much to
this role, its basically just a police requirement. You`ll just have to wear
a training ground-style bib!!

Please support the walk & spread the word. We will all look silly if it aint
a success - please back the event.
Contrary to some rumours, it isnt a pro-Feltham thing. It is aimed solely at
raising awareness to the club`s problems & letting the local council know
that its local pro club - something they should be proud of - is in trouble &
needs help one way or another.

The walk starts from Harvey`s in Hounslow High St from midday on the 29th,
arriving @GP @130 after doing a lap of the ground.

We need to raise the media profile on this ASAP. Anyone who can help with
this, please get in touch.

Let`s make the WALK work for the Bees.....


*****An Interview With Lead Man Pete Johnston By Jonno*****

What is the objective of the 'Walk'?
PJ: Really it has 2 aims;
The Walk is designed to highlight the club`s present plight. We are a club in
trouble. However if we the fans can raise the profile of the club locally and
increase attendances at GP, then it would solve many of the immediate
problems. We have a fine side at Brentford, but not enough supporters - we
need to get the message out to as many people as possible that the club is in
urgent need of more support.
Also, most Bees fans are totally fed up with Hounslow Council`s apparent
apathy towards the only professional football club within its borough. BFC is
an asset the council should be proud of and eager to assist, yet they seem
unable to even sit down with BFC and discuss a new stadium or redeveloping
GP, either of which is necessary in order for BFC to have a prosperous and
secure future. I dont think anyone thinks BFC are blameless as regards this
stalemate, but it appears to us that the council must shoulder most of he
blame. This Walk will hopefully provide the wake-up call that the council
clearly needs.

How many people have been involved in organising the 'Walk' and what have
their jobs been?
PJ: BIAS are sponsoring the event, they have subsidised the cost of the
flyers and the new banners which will be on show on Saturday. There has been
probably around 20 people involved in the planning of this event, some who
were involved heavily with the No To Woking campaign, but others who have
joined in since. We have all had different duties;

Liaising with the police and attending a meeting with them to confirm our

Sorting out the wording of, printing etc of leaflets/banners/T-Shirts/Posters

Dealing with press releases to the local press and generally gaining
publicity locally.

Internet publicity/National TV & Radio/ Ceefax / Teletext.

Organisation of the route itself, plus distributing our flyers at games,
selling T-Shirts etc.

Some other roles also , which do not spring to mind immediately, but there
have been a lot of people committed to making the Walk work, so let`s hope it

Will there be any community figure heads(Mp's, Mayors) or well known fans
attending the walk?
PJ: The former Mayor of Ealing, David Bond, will address the audience in
Braemar Road at the end of the Walk, via a loud hailer. Russell Grant has
also lent us support but is unfortunately unable to attend the event.

Will there be any national press at the walk?
PJ: It is sometimes difficult to arouse national interest for a club such as
ours - some of them seems to think the football world starts and finishes in
the premiership. A couple have shown interest and are welcome, but more
reliable are the local papers who i`m sure will take a big interest.
There will be a a couple of TV camera crews present. ITV Sport and Channel 5
will be present, the latter shooting a piece for its "Jonathan Pearce
Football Night" show. A couple of local radio stations have also shown some

How many people do you hope will join the 'Walk'?
PJ: Very difficult to say. Hopefully a few hundred, but who knows. The coffin
which made its debut at Woking will again be on show to highlight the serious
situaution looming at Griffin Park. It is intended for the Walk to have a bit
of a carnival atmosphere, but we need to raise awareness and felt this was a
good way to achieve this aim. Hope to see you there!