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" Your Say " - - Place For Bees To Say There Views On Whatever They Want To.

Steven Smith talks about whatever he wants to!!.....

Well the season is now well and truly under way. I have now played in two hey jude matches which have both involved a first in someway.

My first match back was Notts County away and was the first time I have played outside of London for Hey Jude, I had played in one away match in my debut last season at QPR. It really was a great day despite the early start of 5:30 in the morning. I met up with Sammy and Luke (who was going to watch) at 6 at South Ealing station where Matt was going to pick us to take us up to Nottingham. We then made rapid progress and were sitting in a service station just outside Nottingham at about 8:30 (Kick Off was 10). After leaving the service station we made our way to the ground after getting lost for a while due to poor directions we finally arrived at the ground an hour early. With nobody from Notts County there we listened to the groundsman have a go at us and trying to tell us that we were at the wrong ground but it was to no avail as shortly after the Notts County people turned up and showed him their booking. Anyway it was about 30 minutes before the rest of the team showed up and then it was game time. We lost 8-2 with Minky and Carl scoring our goals.

It was then on to a pub about 2 minutes away from the County Ground where i was scratched by a cat trying to pick it up much to the amusement of Lewis. As it got to about 2 Lewis and I made our way to the ground and met up with possibly the worst people to give us directions ever who insisted on showing us everything even though they didn't have a clue where to go!!!! Anyway we made our way there eventually and got to the turnstile before being told that we needed to go to the ticket office to get the discount for being 16. Anyway we walked the short way to the ticket office with Lewis moaning oh this is a marthon oh i'd rather just pay the extra 7 quid then be walking this. As we entered the ground we went and got a pie something I totally regretted as it gave me the shits for days.

The match started and although the Bees were the better side we couldn't break down a very defensive minded county and had to settle for a point with a 0-0 draw.

My second match was this weekend against Charlton and was the first time that I was manager of Hey Jude. I decdied to change the usual formation to 3-5-2 and this seemed to work as we held Charlton for a long time before letting 2 goals in at the end trying to catch up in the end we lost 4-0. Which was a fairly good result and a great performance from the Hey Jude players as Charlton were last years runners up in the league.

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