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Rhys Williams Introduces Us To The Players In His Own Unorthadox Style

Paul Stedman (Stedders)

Our noble leader is a very understated and friendly man with a bubbly personality and a sharp sarcastic wit. He is also everyones friend, resolving issues with democratic diplomacy, and always working in the interests of the Hey Jude players. He is a pleasant man to work with and
takes on more then a humanly possible workload, without fuss or complaint, A very appropriate leader for Hey Jude.

Joe Stedman

Elder son of the manager, Joe is part of the Hey Jude youth policy. Despite his small frame Joe is a powerful defender whose skill on the ball and calmness under pressure makes he a valuable ball player for Hey Jude. Quiet and friendly he shares a sarcastic wit with his father and is another good player who fits in with the social ethos of the Hey Jude team.

Josh Stedman

Josh is quiet, but funny and very sarcastic with comic timing. He is popular in the team and has been a consistent member since Hey Judes formation. A midfielder Josh has talent but he just needs to grow and get a bit of strength to be more influential. No doubt however he will make a positive impact at WorldNet, and if last year was anything to go by the drunken state he got in will provide us all with a few more laughs.

Rhys Williams (Newbury bee)

One of the Hey Jude young guns, Rhys is a competitive and enthusiastic member of the team, who has been involved since the beginning, he is a good shot stopper, agile and quick, he has developed a gift for sweeping. He is not the greatest kicker or commander of his area, but a valuable asset to the Hey Jude team. Loud, outspoken and talkative Rhys is an unusual and fun individual to play with.

Matt Dolman

Relatively recent involvement in the Hey Jude team this keeper is a talented shot stopper. His attitude is much liked and he enjoys the game. He has fitted in well with the Hey Jude players. He is a popular member of the team, reasoned and talkative he is good conversation as well as being quiet and pleasant he is a positive member of the Hey Jude team.

Jonathan Fitzmaurice (Jonno the Bee)

A relatively new member of the Hey Jude team, he has established himself as a useful member of the management, and a talented ref. Jonno has also showed himself to be a decent wing back on either side, doing the simple things well and making important contributions on the pitch, shooting however is not an asset!!

Paul Fitzsimons (Scratchy)

An easy going, friendly member of the team he is everyones friend, as well as an important part of the Hey Jude Hierarchy, including being one of the team managers at WorldNet. Despite his friendly nature he is a competitive
player who gives his all and never shrugs challenges, despite a lack of pace he is a useful squad member and a good leader.

Pete Johnson (PJ)

A quiet and thoughtful member of the team, he too takes on some of the added responsibilities of Hey Jude, and is the founding father of the team. On the pitch he is dedicated and driven getting stuck in playing the midfield terrier role well. A no nonsense style of play sees Pete as a major part of the Hey Jude backbone.

Gary Thomas

One of the younger members of the team, he is very enthusiastic on and off the pitch, talented in defence, though he thinks hes a striker. Gary has a very useful left foot, providing a means of clearing the ball from defence, he also has a very good tackle and is committed in the on
pitch battles. Despite his gangly frame Gary is one of the more talented squad members, so he thinks!

Dave Merritt (Shaggy)

One of the mature squad members this calm and thoughtful team player is also involved in the responsibility of managing from time to time, and is taking on a greater role at Worldnet. Competitive on the pitch and pleasant off it he sums up the Hey Jude ethos. Not the most talented of wingers but he makes up for it with his effort.

Paul Minkkinen (Minky)

Involved from the start, a senior member of the squad involved with the Hey Jude fanzine, this Striker, though not quick (or fit) does a lot of running and harrowing and is committed on the pitch, loud communicator he is always involved. Minky is a very friendly and talkative member of the team and an asset to the Hey Jude set up.

Gary Paul

A quiet and friendly man, he is easy to get on with. On the pitch he is a perfect target man, strong and powerful he creates time and space for players around him, never one to complain he gets on with the job well. Injuries have restricted his playing opportunities recently but hopefully will be back fit for WorldNet to give it another go after his successful tournament last time.

Michael Williams

Good friends of Gary Paul, he is a relaxed and funny character, and is good conversation, he is a positive asset to Hey Jude. On the pitch at left or right back Michael is talented, calm on the ball and able to play from the back. His playing ability will be very useful in the future.

Rob Pyle

Involved in the team early on, a quiet member of the team, but friendly and humorous and well liked in the youth of the team. On the pitch Robs quality is undoubted, playing semi-pro level his class has shown in front of goal often and he is the Hey Jude leading scorer. His wonderful left foot makes Rob a welcome member of the Hey Jude team, his calm and pleasantness reflect the Hey Jude ethos.

Andy Mutton

A long-term member of the team he is well established and much liked. He is funny and active, as well as interesting and committed. On the pitch he is not the most talented player in the team at left midfield. He does however chase everything and is very committed to the cause. His attitude optimises the Hey Jude spirit.

James Kyllo (Standing Bee)

A left back, he will be the first to admit that professional contracts are not awaiting him. However, he is a fun and pleasant character to play with. He is quiet but interesting man, and his fun attitude and conduct on the pitch are a credit to the Hey Jude spirit. He is a an excellent character to have in the team.

Dan Casey (Dan the Bee)

Standing at almost 7ft this man is colossus, his football talent however is not as colossus, however he is still a relative unknown for Hey Jude playing only one game. He did however manage a goal in his first ever appearance, and hopefully this will bode well for Leeds. Another young member of the team his humour and opinion has raised heads on the GPG, and look likely of doing so again at WorldNet.

Paul Griffiths

Paul despite not being a regular has made a very good impression with Hey Jude. A friendly man he is good-natured and Im sure will fit in very well with the team at WorldNet. On the pitch we have also seen that he is a calm cool customer at the back and has obvious ability across the back line. Paul should prove a valuable asset with such defensive talents being thin on the ground with Hey Jude.

Sacha Syed (Heston Bee)

Another new member to the team Sacha has showed everyone that his low centre of gravity benefits his football ability. His pacy dribbling, ball control and vision have stood him out from the pack in recent games. Sacha is also a very agreeable person, interesting and friendly, in WorldNet this year Sacha Im sure will have a good tournament on and off the pitch.

Gareth Williams

At 48 years of age he is the daddy of the team. Despite not having played since September Gareths committed and intelligent play at WorldNet last year earned him accolades from most that played. As such he was Hey Judes player of the tournament. Father of Rhys, their obvious relation is noticeable from their on pitch style of play. Most memorable is Gareths Heading style, carefully removing his glasses before nutting the ball back from where it came, this lulled the opposition into a false sense of security and hopefully the same can be achieved again this year.

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrisons appearances have been few, but memorable having notched up an impressive five goals in just five games. Tall and strong (and um chunky!) Paul is a tough customer at the back and his lethal left foot should be important in leads. A humorous, friendly and conversational man he is sure to be a laugh at Leeds.

James Harris (Gumbo)

Recently involved through Gaz Thomas Gumbo hoped to take the goalie position, but found stiff opposition. So Gumbo has stretched his ability to playing wherever he can. However his commitment and love of the game should prove valuable. Another of the under 20s to add to the growing list Gumbo is sure to be a good laugh and up for a couple of drinks (non alcoholic of course) at Leeds and should fit in well with team.

Sam Fenton-Elstone (Sammy Bee)

This 17-year-old has been involved with Hey Jude at the end of this season. His skills all over the midfield have proved valuable and as he proved against Colchester he has a very good eye for goal. Sammy recent involvement has been valuable, even though he couldnt stop us failing in our target 100 attempt. A real nice guy WorldNet should be great fun with people like Sammy and co around.

Robert Trand (Trandy)

Trandy was involved at the very beginning of the Hey Jude experiment, however since September Trandy has been unable to play due to University being just a little too far from London. Trandy is a very committed player, taking his game seriously and he has surprised us all with some moments of quality for Hey Jude. A Hard working midfielder, and a decent friendly guy, just what Hey Jude and WorldNet is all about.


Muk, or Buk to some, got involved through Gaz P and Michael Williams and we are glad he did. A friendly, happy man he is a good laugh and will be perfect for WorldNet. On the pitch Muk is a hard working defender who is talented enough to fit in just fine with the Hey Jude teams high standards.

Karl Merry (Spender Bee)

A pleasant a friendly bloke, Spender is quiet off the pitch but on it his talent and physical presence in Midfield is valuable and has made a big difference in the games he has played. Only recently joining our team hopefully he will make several more appearances for us. No doubt WorldNet should be the start of a successful run in the team for Karl.

Jonathan Gaida (Jon G Bee)

Got involved along with Jonno first as referees. Now they have decided to join the enemy. Jon G is not gay as it was rumoured, but is just happy. He is a nice bloke, friendly and chatty. Jon Gs playing ability is unknown as yet having never played but how good he isnt whats important. So dont worry Jon G.

Phil Merchant

Recently got involved through Paul Griffith he is a friendly and likeable bloke as I found out at Millwall away (I still owe u lot a drink) and his pleasant attitude and nature. Phils appearance deceives, as despite his slight frame he is a very talented player in midfield and defence. WorldNet should be a good stage for Phil and all to show how good we are on and off the pitch.

Brett Thomas

A bit of an unknown quantity really. I dont think anyone knows him, but no doubt we will all find out at WorldNet.

More Profiles To Come After WorldNet.