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The "Gaffer"

This Is The Mian Man Who Sorts Out Out Fixtures , Venus , Kits , And Umm... Everything

Paul (stedders) Stedman

If You Need To Contact Paul Please E-mail Or Call Him On: 07951 0588975 - But not at 4 in the morning

Click Here To E-mail Stedders

Stedders Resigns!

As the next season starts immediately after WorldNET, it seems a good time to make some changes of how we run the team.
Because of my commitments to BIAS (the next season looks as though it is going to be very busy, off the pitch) and my work in general, it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle everything and do all jobs to the utmost efficiency.

I'm quite happy to continue being the main co-ordinator for the team, things like: booking pitches, liaising with opposition, sorting out kit etc, to be honest most of these jobs have almost become second nature by now.

I would propose, however, "sub-contracting" the manager's job on a match-by-match basis.

Fixtures arranged for next season are
Coventry (morning of our pre-season friendly) 28th July
The Lincoln game looks likely at the end of August
Also Watford want a rematch early next season at our place

I'll let you know of other fixtures as they are arranged.

For the Coventry game manager will be GARY PAUL
Gary will be managing the team; he will be contacting players in due course and will make all the playing arrangements, ie: selecting the team, formation, substitutions etc. The whole job will be left with Gary for this game.

Someone else will be in charge for the Lincoln game, if it goes ahead.

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