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Welcome To Jon Gaida's New Page Where He Talks About Whatevers On The Mind Of The Gay Cripple!

First off on my small report on WorldNET I'd like to thank a few people *blushes*.... Many thanks for Stedders for organising everything. It was absolutely brilliant and for giving me some jobs to do. Secondly for Dave for driving us up, Gumbo for letting us turn his room into we can only call "A f*cking sh*t-hole", Josh a spiffing bloke and being the funniest person alive while being drunk.

Afer a mad packing session of my bag, trying to fit everything in as Jonno said bring a smallish bag. There's me pulling out all my spare trousers and shorts to accomodate the lack of room. (Stupid F&%$^R) Sam, Jonno and myself all went to Shaggy's house and soon enough we left. (after Dave attempted to finish a level on Duke Nukem but couldn't quite manage it :p) Somehow (no suprises why!) we over-took Stedders while travelling up to Leeds after he left 30 mins before us! We met his lot in a service station and had lunch.

Jonno-The-Ref[Ed Jonno - You bet him as well ref!] lost a bet to Sam-The-None-Ref about off-sides. Jonno also admitted about how he used to wear womens clothes[Ed Jonno - A bit of lie?].
After a few games on the arcades and seeing half the squad we got back on the road and followed Stedders into Leeds.

As usual when you go into a strange city you get lost. So after asking for directions we were told we're going the wrong way both cars started (in a sycronised way) doing two point turns. Unaware to the fact that both cars were just about to start driving down.... A ONE WAY STREET! A friendly local lass came to our rescue by telling us we were going to wrong way :eek:. With some more syncronised turning we eventually went the right way with instructions from Trandy who knows Leeds because of a bookshop which we couldn't see.

A short time later, we arrived at Boddington Halls and unpacked. Not much happened after that. Everyone arrived and sat in the bar.

At 7:30 we all gathered around outside & Stedders gave us the info & stuff. After that most people went into their teams and had a briefing by the managers.

After that most people did they're respective activities. The youngens all went to Gumbo's room and get pissed (Josh the main culprit) and had a right laugh while demoloshing Rhys's beer, that his dad bought!

At 7:30 most of us rose looking forward to a day of footie, while some people couldn't seem to get up (no names, (both Rob's)). We had... errrr... 'breakfast' and then got kitted up. Well all marched down to the pitches and had a quick knock about before the first match was played.

The first match was a 1-0 victory to Hey Jude after a good finish by Rob Pyle took a lot of pressure of the team for the next few match es. Both teams results dipped with NTW losing the first few matches by last minute goals, while Hey Jude didn't do that much better, like NTW, leaving it to the last match to qualify.

NTW took in AEK Athens while Hey Jude took on W.B.A in their last match which was going to decide their fate of playing in the play-off to see who's the shittest of shit.
NTW played first with the best support I think I've heard all pre-season! They took a first-half lead through Minky and not much else happened in the first half. Second half was storming. The crowd going mental with lots of kebab jibes and abuse at Jonno. On the pitch was just as good. Minky tapping the ball home and Heston scoring a fine solo goal. When the final whistle went, which seemed ages, a massive pitch invasion was called for and a bundling of our star striker; Minky.

With NTW's success in mind Hey Jude also took to the field almost certain of not finishing last.
In a tense match which I missed due to buying an ice-cream, Spender scored a great solo goal to be on par with Heston and after a stinging shot from Rob Pyle which cracked the crossbar and fell kindly for Gary Thomas to tap home (his celebration was more like he chipped the 'keepr from the half way line).

Gaz Thomas was involved in a very nasty challenge where the little raskal went about, doing what he does best, causing mayhem wherether he goes. Luckily the dodgery-old-ref made him be substituted and Minky made a special guest appearence as Hey Jude didn't have any subs left.
Final score was a 2-0 win for Hey Jude and the celebrations began to see if they were in the Plate...

Part Two Next Week

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