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New Recruit Lewis Richards Talks About Whatever He Wants Whether It Hey Jude Or Brentford

THIS WEEKS TOPIC: Football as a Whole.

I write this before the England game vs. Germany, with hopes that we can put out a spirited performance as much as the Irish did. I think if every team could play with the heart that Ireland did against the team that ripped us apapt a few weeks ago, that team would go far.

On the Hey Jude front, we travelled up to Lincoln last week which was a good game to play in, despite the 3-1 score line against us, i thought we did ourselves proud. After that game we travelled to the big boys match vs. Chesterfield which i have to say is an absoulute shit hole! Then ground is made out of wood and nails, it word burn instantley if any sort of fire started.

Also today i see Chesterfield lose again, Wigan are bottom of the league which means money doesnt always buy success. And with the team Wigan have got you would think they would be up there with Reading and the Stoke's. Anyway good to see QPR doing so well!

5-1 Is What We Say!!!!!!!

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