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That Was Worldnet 2001.


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The Players Talk About There 5 Best & Worse Moments Of Worldnet.

David Merritt


1. Leicester Forest Services en route to Leeds - Jonno the Bee admitting to having a sex change and Stedders bringing a ready supply of baby wipes to look after the squad!
2. Winning the Team of the Year award.
3. Drinking pints of shandy made with Smirnoff Ice
4. The woman trying to suck in her tummy outside All Bar One in the centre on
the Sat night... little realising she was standing in front of about 10 Bees in
the window of the bar.
5. Beating AEK Athens - great atmosphere!

1. Getting up on the first day!
2. Getting up the second day!
3. Conceding each of the goals in the Portsmouth game.
4. Conceding the last minute winner against Leeds.
5. The AEK guy getting really stressed and getting a card for his trouble - not
what Worldnet is all about.

Sammy Bee

Top 5 moments (in no particular order)
1) Minky's brace against AEK Athens
3) Build a Bonfire!!!
4)Winning Team of the Year
5)Trandy - " you know you've got the quality"

Worst 5 moments
1) Losing 3 games to last minutes goals
2) Hurting my toe :(
3) Early starts
4) Food in the canteen
5) Warm water coming out of the cold tap in rooms

Minkys fave moments

Beating AEK Leeds Kebab Van Owners FC 3-0 and getting jumped on after the
game by nine million hey jude players and surviving !
Sitting with gareth in All Bar One in Leeds watching the female population
pass by in various "interesting garments" in other words 2 old gits having
a good old harmless letch.
Muk asking trandy if they were his room keys lying on the ground and then
throwing them an immense distance when he found out that they were
Beating west Brom !
Being slightly worse for wear on sunday morning trying to get breakfast with
a Brittany ferries boarding pass instead of my green breakfast ticket.With
those ex-school dinner ladies in charge not a bloody hope !!!!
Seeing steedders face when we won team of the year, did i see a slight tear
to the corner of one eye, if i did fair play to the man, a brilliant organiser


1. Me pulling on Friday
2. Me pulling on Saturday
3. Me making money to get kissed by women!
4. "Eeer we go" - quote from some lovely northern
bird who saw a bloke
5. Scratchys shirt
6. Kicking the Leeds player in the bollocks with
the ball

1. Ridiculously early starts
2. Muk being a cunt
3. Me getting turned down by some dirty slag :-(
4. Conceding a last min goal to every team we
played (or it seemed like it).
5. The referees.

James Harris (Gumbo)

Best 5:
1. Attitude of everyone there, hey jude as well as others. Special mention must go to the Lens, Coventry and Norwich sides for trying hard to get on with everyone, and dis-credited will go to the bald AEK Athens bloke and Gaz for getting booked in the first minute(FUCK OFF REF)!
2. Stedders for being far to generous in his report and saying that I actually touched the ball twice, but maybe was a little harsh on my room(Radiation suit yes, but surely environmental health is taking it too far!!!!!!)
3. The pool table in the common room! Not only was it free but also I actually won a game on it(which naturally was a game of pure talent, and not that the slope on it helped 3 red balls in off my break!)
4. The sing-song in the bar when about 8 of the Brentford mentals(Me, Gaz, Jonno, Jon G, Sammy, Josh, Joe and Rob)took on 20 Lens,15 Coventry and 10 Ayr fans and got ourselfs a well earned round of applause for the David W£bbs a Wanker song!!!
5. The Bonfire on one of the fields! Went for an hours kip at 11 when all the lads had gone to the offie, woke up and went for a wander to find them! Eventually found them raiding a skip for cardboard boxes and setting fire to them! Once we had finished loading the boxes we sat around the fire getting more and more pissed!

Worst 5:
1. My first touch of the tournament. I think the phrase Youve got the touch of a rapist was a little to generous on this occasion as I passed the ball straight to Crewes right winger!
2. My room! The least said the better on this occasion as I am expecting a call from Leeds Uni soon asking £500 for the clean up operation. Special thanks to Joe for getting pizza all over my bed sheets, to everyone for complying with the no smoking rules(ha!)and to Josh for nearly burning my face off.
3. Not getting the Brummies in the 2nd round of the knockout stages, I was saving myself for that one Stedders, honest! Mind you, I bet Gaz is pleased he didnt have to re-new acquaintances with a few of them!
4. Being called nothing but Gumbo for 4 Days!
5. Well thats it, cant think of any more. Thanks all for a cracking weekend, special mention for Stedders for doing it all, and creation nightclub for not kicking me out for appalling dancing!

Mike Williams

Top 5 moments

1 Winning Team of the year
2 The atmosphere amongst the players. Hardly any arguing or disagreements
Well done Newbury ! :))
3 The er.....pre match drinks Friday & Saturday nights
4 Hate corner re-uniting for the Athens game
5 THAT girl in the white dress in the Observatory bar. Ereeee Weeee Gooooo!

Just out of the top five was: Beating WBA in the battle of pitch 1. Rob
Pyles shot before 2nd goal & Newburys save in same game. The Lens players
discussion with Josh. ( You are Brentford & you do not want to go to
Woking!!!) The Standing Bee song in full voice in the cab home. Claire, the
worlds pinkest barmaid.

Worst 5 moments

1 Going out to Southampton on some stupid technicality thus denying our
rightful position in mixing it with the big boys
2 Losing to Stockport. Another couple of minutes & we would have had em.
Everyone was bitterly disappointed with our performance in that game.
3 The ref who looked like one of the chuckle brothers. (Look lads I'm gonna
make mistakes...... Too right you *%&*^^)
4 Getting injured in second game
5 £2.80 for a bottle of Becks in Observatory ( I only want 1 mate!?!?!)

Just out of the top five was: Trandy winning all our money by prostituting
himself to dodgy looking birds. AEK Athens. WBA. The Ayr number 9 who kept
grabbing my bollocks. Breakfast. Someone re-decorating the bathroom with
their honk. ( You know who you are!!!) Grab a granny night in Edwards.
(Pensioners in Batty Riders? NOOOOOO!)

Jonno Fitzmaurice

Best Moments:

1. Beating West Physical Brom, with Gary nearly getting sent off! Also Gareth Williams nearly getting in a fight with ref, good on yer Gareth!!
2. Singing 'Twist and Shout' in the Student Union Bar at 1am with all the 'youths' and Coventry City, QUALITY!!
3. Josh Stedman drunk, never seen anything more funny in my life, GOD! They should sell videos of that!
4. Beating Huddersfield, we worked SO hard in the Second Half to keep things level, and I don't think Hey Jude have ever worked harder than in a game.
5. All these are joint 5th: Muks room at 3.30am with everything buzzing - lucky we didn't get drug tested!! Gumbo's room - how bloody disgunsting was that??? All Days - what a great place, as the booze was quite cheap!!

-Nearly's - Our bonfire beside one of the pitches! Jon G showing us his old school on the way back from Leeds, only to find out it was a girls school, lots of changes eh Jon?! Minky being jumped on by 14 mad Hey Jude players! My teamtalk against West Brom, what was I saying?!

Worst Moments:

1. Losing to Stockport, only a few more seconds and we have been level.
2. Nearly getting booked by '3 teeth Ref' for something I didn't say! I have never seen a more incompetent ref in all my life, sorry but he was a right TOSSER!
3. The AEK Athens players shouting at me when Gaz was blatantly on side, bloody stupid! I got so much hassle! I've never had that much hassle when I've actually reffed a game! But credit to the ref who stuck up for me, he was a quality ref unlike '3 teeth'.
4. Robs sick all over the bathroom, it stunk the whole corridor out!
5. Losing to Southampton and Ayr, we were very unlucky not to qualify for the play off.



1) the victory against West Brom, best performance off the weekend
2) solving our striker problem by moving me into defence (hee hee!)
3) the saturday night out!
4) trandy's boogying
5) gumbo's injury explanation... "Yeah i'm not playing this game i'm injured" "How?" "I got run over by a car" !!


1) My miskick (booo!)
2) the Gary Thomas vs West Bromwich incident!
3) Waking up on Sunday
4) Realising i'd dragged myself out of bed for absolutely f-all on the Sunday!
5) not pulling (hee hee)


5 Best moments in no particular order.

1. Gaz Thomas boasting about building a bonfire at midnight
2. Gumbo's face at breakfast on Sunday morning
3. Scratchy's red & blue shirt
4. The game against AEK Athens
5. That there were no arguements during the whole weekend

5 Worst moments

1. Breakfast on Saturday morning
2. Playing at 8.30 Sunday morning
3. Losing to Stockport
4. Waking up Saturday evening not having a clue where I was
5. The cold showers

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