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We Meet The People Who Are Rejects Of The Hey Jude Team

We meet the man who is a Brentford fan but was rejected by Hey Jude at a young age and has since gone onto play for Arsenals supporters team Cybury Gooners, Tommy.

Chairman Paul Stedman rejected Tommy at the age of 10, and he then went onto disgrace himself by betraying his Brentford roots to go to play for the scum of North London! Tommy now plays in goal for Cybury, and nearly tasted glory at Charlton but only for the old rival QPR to beat Arsenal in the final. Despite the chance of success it is rumoured the Tommy has aspirations of pulling on a Hey Jude shirt in the near future. However, it is unlikely that the Hey Jude faithfull will ever allow him to play for Hey Jude after he betrayed them. Tommy is now first choice at Cybury but is not as good as Hey Jude No.1 Rhys Williams.

A message from Hey Jude to Tommy:


A mug shot of Tommy

Go to Tommy's very good Cybury Site

More rejects will be revealed soon!