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After Weeks Of Contract Talks Now Has The Rights For Showing On This Channel.

This Is Taken From A Live Interview On Saturday Evening.

Interviewer(Barry)>And with me now is Paul Fitzsimons,caretaker manager of
Hey Jude F.C.Paul you've got to be happy with the 2-2 draw with Reading
haven't you?

Me>Well Barry you bet your life I am.After the criticism I received
following the Glasgow Rangers game it was nice to show my critics that I do
have the capabilities to do this job!!!

Barry>Just returning to that briefly you must have been surprised to receive
the call from Paul Stedman asking you to take charge of this game?

Me>Yes I must say that it was a bolt out of the blue.I'm just glad the
director of football had enough trust in me to give me this important
responsibility.I must say that after the Rangers disaster I had some doubts
about returning to the stage but now those doubts have been eliminated.

Barry>It seemed there for a while that you would be heading for another
defeat this season.

Me>Yeah.We weren't getting the breaks and it just seemed as though the usual
pattern of good performance/bad result was about to happen again.I was just
glad Jon popped up with his goal in the dying seconds.

Barry>Another inspired substitution by yourself?

Me>But of course!!!!

*both men laugh*

Barry>Thoughts now turn onto the Watford game next Sunday.Do you think
you'll be in charge for that game?

Me>I just want to savour this moment for now Barry.I'm sure that when it's
sorted out you and the viewers of nBo TV will be the very first to know and
you can quote me on that!!!!!

Barry>And what about Leeds?

Me>It's a city in Yorkshire Barry.I thought you would have known that by

Barry>You know what I mean.What about Worldnet?

Me>I think that we'll give it our best shot Barry and maybe just maybe we
might be capable of surprising one or two people up there.

Barry>Paul Fitzsimons......thank you very much and now it's back to Bill in
the studio